Unlock Your Mind

Unlock Your Mind and be Free

Think about the things in your life that hold you back or seem to cause you problems. Are you trapped in an inner prison? You now have Dr. Barnett’s wisdom to learn to turn the key for yourself.


• Do you experience the prison of fear – phobias and panic attacks?

• Does the prison of anger cause you to have migraines, ulcers, back pain or obesity?

• Is your prison of pain and sadness leaving you with asthma, depression, drug or alcohol addiction?

• Does the prison of guilt cause you to be impotent, frigid, obese, or contemplate suicide?

If you relate to any of the above symptoms. Buy the book! Let Dr. Barnett help you. Join the growing list of people who have been able to unlock their minds and be free!.

UNLOCK Your Mind and be FREE!!

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Unlock Your Mind and Be Free! was first published in 1979 and has had a steady following since that time. This is the first time it is being offered as an E-book and available to our online customers.

Through the years as a medical doctor practicing in England and then Canada, Dr. Edgar Barnett observed that many of the illness he was asked to treat were not responding to the traditional medical remedies. He had developed an interest in hypnosis in his earlier years and decided to use this skill in the treatment of patients within his family practice. The results were very favourable. Dr. Barnett’s success in treating the physically complex symptoms of his patient continued to grow with the increasing use of hypnosis. It was then that he made the decision to devote all of his time to hypnotherapy.

Dr. Barnett suspected that many of the symptoms that he was seeing had origins in events that had happened many years earlier. It seemed that many of his patients were living in a kind of jail with a loss of freedom. It was his analysis of this concept that lead to the publication of “Unlock Your Mind and be Free!”.

It is Dr. Barnett’s belief that many of us live our lives from behind the bars of a self imposed prison to which we were condemned as children. We need to analyze these crimes of the past to learn:

• what crime am I accused of?

• how was I condemned?

• what was my sentence?

• why if I have served the sentence have I never been released from prison?

It is through this analysis that you will be able to “Unlock Your Mind and be Free!.”

With a clear and compassionate description of the types of crimes and the emotional legal system that condemned us to our prison, Dr. Barnett leads us to an understanding of why we live our lives as we do.

Dr. Barnett has gained an international reputation for his work in hypnosis. He has traveled and given workshops in many countries, including Canada, USA, Denmark, Holland, Sweden and Australia. He is held in the highest regards by his peers in the medical profession. Often patients travel many miles to benefit from his experience and knowledge.

You can have the benefit of his experience in your home today. Think about the things in your life that hold you back or seem to cause you problems. are you trapped in an inner prison? This book is the key. You now have Dr. Barnett’s wisdom to learn to turn the key for yourself!