October 2016

Dr Alberto Lopes invited Dr. Barnett to speak and conduct workshops in Porto, Portugal in October 2016.

International Days 2016

Associação Portuguesa de Hipnose Clínica e Hipnoanálise


Check out the introductory Porto video here

Dr Edgar Barnett introduces….

Porto Conference2016

Fall 2012

The videos of Dr. Barnett’s workshops in Albuquerque NM are finally ready and available for purchase.

RRP – The Albuquerque Sessions

Arriving home from the exciting symposium in Albuquerque, I look forward to seeing that the participants will purchase a copy of ‘Rapid Reintegration Procedure’ either from the Academy of from my web site. I expect that a copy of the video of the whole program will shortly be available for purchase also from the academy or from my web sit. Thank you everyone for making this first symposium a great success and my part in it most enjoyable.

Spring 2012

Radio Appearance 
in Antigua

April 17th 6:30 – 8pm 2012.

Antigua Observer Radio Programming

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